Re: Article “Alberta lights family fireworks industry’s fuse” – June 27, 2014

The article by John Cotter contains inaccurate information that should be corrected for the safety of consumers.
Bottle rockets are not a legal product in Canada and therefore are not available through retailers. Anyone selling or purchasing bottle rockets is committing an illegal offence.
Firecrackers are sold only to those with written permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources – Explosives Regulatory Division, or as part of a professional fireworks display.
Fireworks are put through rigorous testing by the federal government prior to being approved for safe use. When used according to guidelines, they will not explode when being lit.
There is no need to over-regulate fireworks. A little bit of common sense is all that is needed to be able to continue this exciting tradition that Canadians have enjoyed for centuries.

Dominique Allen
Executive Director
1-855-652-CNFA (2632)


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