Fireworks Facts & Statistics

Ontario experienced an 81% decrease in fires caused by fireworks since Toronto liberalized their fireworks bylaw in 2007. Liberalizing the sale and use, decreased the consumer rush to buy and use fireworks during a short period of time.

Since 2000 American state laws began loosening fireworks regulations resulting in a 43% drop in fireworks related injuries and over a 50% drop in fires. This is the lowest number of fireworks related fires in three decades (Source APA).

Over a 13 year span there were just 4 injuries caused by fireworks in all of Alberta. This accounts for just 0.09% of all fire related injuries in the province.

The Federal government created regulations governing Family Fireworks. These laws address the sale, usage and storage of Family Fireworks and mandate absolute safety. Saskatchewan and Manitoba use the federal regulations; by allowing for liberal fireworks laws they maintain an extremely low incident rate.

 Manitoba reports just 7 injuries caused by fireworks since 1980.

In 2001 there was 1,558,768 KG of fireworks imported into Canada and in 2016 3,912,478 KG of fireworks were imported. Over a 15 year span the amount of fireworks imported into Canada has increased approximately 250%. This demonstrates the growing industry and high consumer demand while fireworks related injuries and fires remain low in areas where laws are being liberalized these incidents decline.

During an unsteady economic time, fireworks act as a vital supplemental income to retail stores across the country. Fireworks bring joy and happiness to the consumer and contribute to the overall sustainability of the retailer and in turn the economy.

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