Safety First!

Fireworks are a Canadian tradition, they’re fun and safe when used responsibly!  We at the Canadian National Fireworks Association are proud to present our “Safety First!” video series!  Our first video details important information for using consumer fireworks in general, click any of the links below to watch and learn how to properly set up and discharge each type of product!

Angled Cakes   English Francais

Barrages    English  Francais

Brazilian Bombshells    English  Francais

Cakes    English  Francais

Fountains    English  Francais

Fireworks – With a Base    English  Francais

Fireworks – With no Base   English  Francais

Fireworks – With a Spike    English  Francais

Miscellaneous English  Francais

Roman Candles    English  Francais

Sparklers    English  Francais

Wheels    English  Francais