Legal & Illegal Fireworks

Authorized (Legal) Fireworks

It is critical that consumers purchase fireworks from a trusted, authorized fireworks dealer. The properties of all fireworks are tested to regulatory compliance with specific safety criteria set out by the Chief Inspector of Explosives at the Explosives Regulatory Division of Natural Resources Canada.

Any firework sold in Canada is on the “List of Authorized Explosives” on the government website. It would either be listed using a product number or the name or a combination of the two.

Non-Authorized (Illegal) Fireworks

Results from using illegal fireworks can be devastating. They are extremely dangerous and may cause serious harm or injury. The CNFA urges consumers to never purchase or use these products.

Fireworks that are illegal in Canada include:

  • Cherry Bombs
  • Snaps
  • M-80 Salutes
  • Flash Crackers
  • Throw-down Torpedoes
  • Cigarette Loads
  • Trick Matches
  • Sprite Bombs
  • Firecrackers*

*Permission must be granted for use. Forms and conditions can be downloaded here.

If you have any doubts as to whether your firework is legal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A Quick Tip! The Explosives Regulatory Division suggests checking the safety instructions and labels on the firework.  If they do not appear in both official languages (English & French), it is not an authorized firework for sale in Canada.  **Please note, bilingual labels do not guarantee the firework is authorized.**

Canadian Regulations as Mandated by Natural Resources Canada

The following label reflects all the requirements according to Canadian Regulations as mandated by Natural Resources Canada:


  • Canadian Classification (In this case it shows Consumer Fireworks UN0336 F.1)
  • The authorized brand or trade name (Fun Fireworks Brand)
  • Name, logo or code identifying the manufacturer and/or authorized distributor (see “Fireworks Factory or Importer Name)
  • Instructions for the safe handling, use and storage in both English and French
  • Maximum height of effect
  • Safe Spectator distance for spectators
  • For angled articles they require an arrow identifying the direction of the effect/fire/flame.
  • The name and address of the person who obtained the explosives authorization. (“Fireworks Factory or Importer Name, City, Prov, Postal Code”)